Medical Records Request

Requesting Medical Records Just Got Easier!

In an effort to improve the speed and security with which we can fulfill medical records requests, TSAOG has partnered with Sharecare, a release of information provider. Because Sharecare is the industry leader in quality, we are confident your personal health information is in safe hands. Our partnership with Sharecare means:

  • Faster processing of your records request
  • Accurate and complete records every time
  • Prompt customer service for all questions
  • Online portal where you can review the status of your request /

Fee Notice: In some instances, there may be a fee based on the materials and labor costs required to complete your request. If you select the 2-year abstract option this fee is capped at $25, and it may be much less. Please review our Disclosure Authorization and Fee Letter (English | Spanish) for more information.

To request records today, please complete our Medical Records Release Form (English 比比齐电影网 高清完整视频 比比齐电影网 高清完整视频 , 黄色特级帅哥鸡巴图 高清大全 黄色特级帅哥鸡巴图 高清大全 ,九九热线精品在线99_九九热线精品在线99 高清无码完整 九九热线精品在线99_九九热线精品在线99 高清无码完整 | Spanish) and fax or mail it to Sharecare using the contact information below:

  • Request by Fax: 210‐678‐4136
  • Request by Mail: TSAOG – 400 Concord Plaza Dr. – San Antonio, TX 78216

Patients can also request and complete a form at any TSAOG clinic site.

You can reach Sharecare at (737) 241-0553 with any questions or concerns you may have about our new process.

Third Party Requesters – Please be advised that questions regarding process and/or status should be directed to Sharecare or submitted to our offices in writing.